Olive Elementary School



Tower Garden


What Is A Tower Garden?

They are Vertical Aeroponic Gardening Systems that use:

  • 90-98% Less Water
  • 90% Less Space
  • No Soil
  • AND the Vegetables Grow up to 2x Faster Than Traditional Gardens
  • Materials made out of polycarbonate (same thing NASA makes space suits out of)
  • Mineral blend is soil & ocean derive nutrients


About Tower Gardens

The Tower Garden technology and mineral blend was developed with the EPCOT center in part with NASA to grow food the most efficient way possible. This technology is being used in the international space station They are now available for everyone by the Juice Plus+ company. They are used by The White House, O’Hare International Airport, The Giants Stadium, Multiple Commercial Farmers All Around The USA and Canada, Restaurants, Schools and individuals in homes & apartments.

Some of our local partnerships include: San Diego Seed Company, Olive Elementary School, Sunset Elementary, Tender Greens.

Outcomes at Olive


  • Currently have 8 Tower Gardens
  • Won 5 Grants to fund the Tower Gardens
  • Created A Kickstarter that will be launching this summer
  • Won the Bright Idea Award at Petco Park
  • Received a Proclamation Award from the Mayor & Council of San Diego
  • Was featured in the Vista Press newspaper
  • Showcased in an international program and visited by top educators from around the globe
  • Student farmers participated in multiple STEAM festivals
  • Produce was approved to be eaten in the classrooms,  cafeteria NOW ON TO FARMERS MARKET & SELLING PRODUCE TO LOCAL RESTAURANTS!!

Additional lesson plans were weaved into this project including:

  • Net zero building practices (the STEAM team of 5th graders created a net zero home and presented during one of the STEAM Events at Vista High School). 
  • Electricity creation & how to calculate watts in your own home