Olive Elementary School

AR Millionaires Club

“AR Millionaires” Club Promotes Reading at Olive

Olive “Millionaires” are students who have reached a special benchmark within each academic year—reading 1 million words or more as evidenced by their Accelerated Reading (AR) comprehension test scores. All students take an AR test after reading a book independently, with the teacher or having one read to them. To pass, they must receive a score of 80%.

This year we had 9 Millionaires with three reading over 2 million words! Club membership includes special privileges such as a line pass for lunch and the playground, checking out more than one book each week and a big end of the year party for members only.

Advice from the millionaires to reluctant readers: Know your reading level and don’t be self-conscious about it. Read books at your level in genres or areas of interest you enjoy. Finally, the most important rule for any student reader is to persevere—finish books and take tests. The Millionaires say, “Don’t give up. We all started at a lower reading level and kept reading.”